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Adobe Air Surprisingly missing functionality and a native extension to handle this

Category : Development · (1) Comment · by May 12th, 2014

mouseWheelANE700One of our customers (who developed this great product) came with a question about listening to a mouse wheel under Air for android.
We considered this as simple question because it was already have been implemented in the flash player.
Surprisingly, after a few testings it turned out to be an issue. we couldn’t believe that the mouse wheel functionality is missing in Adobe air.

So we were required for a custom Adobe Native Extension to listen the mouse wheel.
Next step is to build a small but very helpful extension that listens to the mouse wheel and dispatching event each time the mouse wheel scrolling and its direction.

Special thanks to DiaDraw team for the help.

Local Cache Loader

Category : Development · (12) Comments · by May 12th, 2014
Local Cache Loader

LocalCacheLoader is an Adobe Air library written in AS3. this library allow caching content (such as swf ,images ,data file etc…) to the local…