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We develop Adobe AIR Native Extensions for iOS & Android mobile platforms.
Create amazing mobile apps and games using Adobe AIR and unlock the full potential of this platform using our high quality Adobe Air native extensions.
We offer developers quick & easy access to low-level device OS features which are not available through the standard AIR framework.
Start saving time and money using our Adobe Air native extensions as many other developers already do.

CustomAne Extensions are all up to you and your company's specific needs. Your Adobe Air Application can do so much more! Contact us now to receive an offer for your App's unique custom extensions.


openApp Extension allows you to know which apps are already installed on the user's Android device and launch it from your own app. If the app isn't installed the user can then be referred to Google Play for download.

Parse Extension allows you to use the most popular services of Parse such as: Parse Social, Parse Push & Parse Data, with your Adobe Air app. This ANE is still under development. Register now for an early bird discount.


UserProfile Extension allows you to access the user's profile and retrieve the details, such as name, phone number, user photo etc. (Android only).


PhoneAccounts Extension allows you to receive the list of accounts that is synced with the user's device.

Useful Tips Section

NativeAndroidLogger is a Free* ANE we've developed that allows you to send your AIR logs to Android LoCat with the log levels (debug, error, info etc.). This logs can be viewed in TestFairy testing platform logs. Read our blog post for more details.
*free for personal or commercial use – no resale or repacking allowed.

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